Miegel Shearing Deck

Instant, Portable & Self Contained

Don’t have the time or the money to build a purpose built shearing shed. The Miegel Shearing Deck is an instant portable self-contained 1 stand shearing pod complete with pens, gate and chute.

• Built for Australian conditions

• Raised board design • All-weather

• Heavy duty construction

• Quick and easy set up

• Portable and easy to move

• Swing gates, exit chute and count out pens

• Cost effective shearing solution

• Large range of options

The deck can be easily joined together to increase your capacity from one stand to multi stand shearing capacity.

The Miegel Shearing Decks are durable and are suitable for indoor/undercover or outside use. A ready made one stand shearing shed; size 6 metre x 2.4 metre. Easily adapted to existing infrastructure.​

Stock Crates & Trailers

Built to last!

Tough and durable, these stock crates will serve for years to come. Transport your animals in style and comfort!

• Built for Australian conditions
• Gates, partitions & loading ramps
• Optional heavy duty canvas cover
• Single, tandem or tri-axle
• Custom built to suit your needs

Sheep Loading Ramps

All Galvanised, Low Maintenance, 3 Minute Setup

Custom built Ramps any size;
sheep, cattle, goats etc.

• locally manuafactured & constructed from supagalv materials
• rolled galvanised ‘K-Rail’ sides
• pressed profile galvanised floor
• height adjustable floor – reaches to 3rd & 4th deck semi
• 700mm internal ramp width
• side walk (left or right) 300mm wide with safety hand rail
• front loading flap
• lifting gantry & hand brake winch
• six stud hubs
• detachable drawbar
• twin jockey wheel lifting assembly


K-Rail is a rail section produced from galvanised high tensile steel and is also available in a number of pre-painted finishes.

K-Rail is designed for use in stock yards (e.g. sheep, cattle, horses, pigs and deer), and also for use in decorative fencing such as house yards and farm entrances. It’s available in five different thicknesses and two different widths to suit various applications.

Made from high tensile steel, K-Rail is strong but light-weight, durable and easy to handle and transport.
It is heavily galvanised for long life in harsh environments such as stock yards.

Top Quality Australian Made Trailers

Locally Made with Australian Steel

SA's Largest Trailer Manufacture

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