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Kotzur K-Rail


K-Rail is a rail section produced from galvanised high tensile steel and is also available in a number of pre-painted finishes.

K-Rail is designed for use in stock yards (e.g. sheep, cattle, horses, pigs and deer), and also for use in decorative fencing such as house yards and farm entrances.

It has a number of other uses such as replacement bats for header or windrower reels.

K-Rail is available in five different thicknesses and two different widths to suit various applications.

K-Rail can be purchased in standard 6 metre lengths or custom produced lengths by special order.

Made from high tensile steel, K-Rail is strong but light-weight, durable and easy to handle and transport.
It is heavily galvanised for long life in harsh environments such as stock yards.

K-Rail is also very cost effective when compared with similar pipe, mesh or timber yards and is maintenance free - saving you money for years to come.

K-Rail is very friendly to people and animals. It is designed so that stock can easily see it when moving through and around yards.

K-Rail is quick and easy to erect using self-drilling screws and a power screwdriver thanks to the wide
fixing pan on each side of the profile.

For decorative fences K-Rail gives the appearance of older style fences but at much less cost and without the need for any maintenance or painting. It is available with a pre-painted finish in a number of colours to suit your needs.



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